• Grand Hotel dei Castelli
  • Grand Hotel dei Castelli
  • Grand Hotel dei Castelli

Отель Ресторан Сестри Леванте Ресторан - Роскошные отели в Лигурии

Ресторан ai Castelli является одним из самых характерных отелей мира, он знаменит своей средневековой архитектурой, расположен в замечательном месте в центре знаменитого полуострова Sestri Levante, с просторным панорамным видом на обворожительный пейзаж двух заливов: Baia delle Favole и Baia del Silenzio.
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Our wine list is really remarkable, with a list of years really important, wines of the territory and most important national and international wineries will allow a trip to the culture of wine and champagne. Even distillates cover an important area, from national to the search of particular international brands.

Always more important is the part related to catering for conferences, clicking the button you can see some examples, always remembering that these are simple proposals that can be modulated according to your needs.

Offers for a minimum of 20 participants

Coffee break
Morning: coffee, fruit juices, focaccia, pizza, brioches
Afternoon: coffee, fruit juices, friandises, sweet focaccia
Cocktail rinforzato (Rich Cocktail)
dried salted cod, shrimp, whites and blacks cuculli, bruschetta with livers, fresh tomato and pesto, tuna sandwiches, ham sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, foccacce and pizzas, rice cake, torta pasqualina, Liguria stuffing, Parmacrudo ham and melon, caprese salad.
Buffet Lunch 1
sea salad on basil leaves, marinated fish of Castles with vegetables, caprese salad, Parma crudo ham and melon, Liguria stuffed vegetables, risotto with seafood, trofiette with pesto Levantina style, fruit with fresh ice cream.
Buffet Lunch 2
bowl of sea-bass and salmon with balsamic vinegar, octopus with Mediterranean sauce, ceviche of fish and crustaceans, bresaola with rocket and scale of parmesan, cured pork meats with fresh seasonal fruit, potato gnocchetti with squid nouveau and sun dried tomatoes, risotto with trevisana and rossese with light cheese, aunt Evelina cake.
Lunch 1
Starter of our valleys, trofiette with pesto in old Genoa style, calf with uccelletto, Crostata cake of fresh seasonal fruit, coffee, wine included
Lunch 2
Sea Fantasy of Castles, Cappellacci with shellfishes ragôut, mix of fish, Aspic under Muscat jelly, coffee, wine included
Lunch 3
Chef sea fantasy, risotto with seafood, White fish with baked potatoes and creamed courgettes, Semifreddo with crunchy chocolate, coffee, wine included
Dinner 1
Aperitif with appetizers, Collage of fish with vinegar and vegetables, risotto with seafood, Lasagnetta with pecorino cheese fondue and drops of pesto, White fish baked in the Ligurian style, Aspic under Muscat jelly, coffee.
Dinner 2
Aperitif with appetizers, sea fantasy of Castles, Cappellacci of fish with sea ragôut, Risotto with trevisana and rossese with light cheese, White fish with vegetables and shrimp, Semifreddo with orange flowers with citrus sauce, coffee.
Dinner 3
Aperitif with appetizers, marine starter of the Bay of Silence, Risotto with lobster, cake of potatoes and almonds with fondue of robiola and saffron, roll of bass in filling with gratin shrimp and vegetables noodles, semifreddo with crunchy chocolate sauce, coffee
Gala Dinner example
Aperitif with hot and cold snacks, buffet with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, mixed starter sea and mountains, trofiette with shrimp and zucchini, champagne risotto with lemon and herbs, king-size calf with vegetables, semifreddo with crunchy chocolate sauce, selection of wines of our cellar, coffee and liqueurs


The Restaurant Ai Castelli, thanks to the famous park of Grand Hotel, to its salons or to beautiful outdoor spaces, will leave an indelible memory to all your guests. The Chef Mauro Manfredi and Maitre Sandro Cardinali will be able to fulfill every expectation, from more traditional dishes to more imaginative recipes but always attentive to taste. The experience gained over the years will make the Restaurant the perfect place for your "I Do": a fabulous marriage!

Everything has to be perfect, here we would like to recommend an order and some tips how to get in the best way to your wedding.



Отпуск для всей семьи


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